Cookie Policy

We want you to be informed about how cookies are used when using so here’s how we use cookies. If you’re unsure about what a cookie is and how it works, Google have a nice video that explains this in plain English:

Our Cookies

We use cookies on to allow us to provide a persistent state as you move from page to another page. It is our commitment to you that no cookies that we set will ever contain any personally identifiable information. Cookies aid us in providing you a secure and safe experience.

We only allow cookies over https and all information inside our cookies is encrypted.

What Information Do You Store in Cookies?

We never store any personally identifiable information in our cookies, instead we store randomly generated strings (we call them “IDs”). We use these IDs to lookup in our secure databases so that we can personalise and tailor the pages that we serve to you.

Refusing and Disabling Cookies

You can choose to refuse or disable cookies that we send to you by configuring your browser to do so. Please consult the documentation for your browser for information on how to do this.

If you’re using and disable some (or maybe all) of the cookies that we require, you may have difficulty using parts of We may rely on certain cookies to provide a complete user experience.

Third Party Cookies

We do use Google Analytics on which collects meta information about how you are using and this helps us improve the experience we can deliver to you.

If you do not wish to be tracked in this way, you can set your browsers “do not track” feature and we will not include the Google Analytics.

Do Not Track

If you set your browser to enable it’s “do not track” feature then we will respect your choice and will not include any third party cookies.


If you have a question relating to cookies and how we use them that isn’t answered on this page, contact us.